Course Curriculum

Introduction to C# and Database using DAL Architecture 00:05:00
Start With The Project
Create New C# Project 00:08:00
Creating New Class Librarry 00:10:00
Database And Connectivity
Create Database and Tables 00:10:00
Universal Data Link and Connection 00:06:00
App Config and Connection String 00:06:00
Working with database and Physical Schema 00:12:00
Connect with DataGrid 00:11:00
ADO.NET 00:25:00
Configuration Manager and SQL Data Adapter 00:11:00
Connection and Exception Handling 00:06:00
Working with Data Access Layer Object For Department – DataSet 00:04:00
SqlCommand SqlConnection ExecuteNonQuery 00:24:00
C# And SQL Transactions 00:14:00
Web Services
Web Services In C# 00:19:00
Create More Projects
Create You Second C# Project Within 10 Mins 00:13:00
Create Splash Screen in C# 00:04:00
make simple Anti-Virus in C# 00:19:00
Working With External Libraries e.g DotNetBar and C# 00:12:00

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