Ancdmy courses make coding accessible to everyone

Our courses teach students how to code by building functional websites and apps—without the need for expensive staff training or extra resource.

To complement your computer science resources, or make coding accessible to a wider range of students, Ancdmy courses are a convenient and economical solution for universities.

Today, almost half a million people are happily coding thanks to our fun, practical lessons and clear, compelling language.

Our courses can be completed in six weeks—or structured around your timetable. They’re packed with proven tactics to motivate teachers, enthuse students, and get them ready for the digital world—bubbling with enthusiasm.

Students retain information by building apps as they learn—opening the door to a world of amazing digital opportunities.

Why choose Ancdmy?

  • Strengthen your computer science resources
  • Attractive bolt-on to other courses
  • Expert support whenever you need it
  • Flexible learning to suit your timetable
  • Low-cost alternative to extra staff or on-going training
  • Regularly updated, always relevant
  • Personalised to fit your university branding

Become a part of this exciting journey and join hundreds of universities around the world, whose teachers and students are now confidently coding—thanks to Ancdmy courses.

Use the links on the right to check out our courses, or contact us if you have any questions at all, or to purchase a site license.